Weeds. Bon Appetit!

It has certainly felt spring-like even though I know there is more winter still to come (but not too much more)! To get the feeling of spring you can start thinking about weeds, but really, really tasty weeds.

I am talking about dandelions, chickweed and cleavers. You can eat these and they have amazing healing properties. So if you are picking them to toss, why not toss them in your salad or juicer?

Dandelions, I have a love-hate relationship with these weeds. I love them medicinally but hate them in my yard 😉 Anyways they are great at cleansing the blood, help digest proteins and fats, a diuretic, stimulate bile secretion to treat the liver, and is full of minerals. So pick the greens before the flower blooms and you can use them in salads, smoothies, juices and pesto.

Chickweed can definitely drive a person crazy too when it tries to take over the whole garden (I am speaking from experience)! It helps to reduce toxins, reduces weight, calms inflamed tissues, decreases gas and indigestion (fresh herb only), and is high in vitamin C, iron, zinc and potassium. When picking this make sure it is chickweed first! Then simply add to your salad or juice it.