Week 4 of Your 4 Week Guide to Fighting Fatigue Naturally!

Week 4

Your hard work is paying off and onto the last week!  Now this week may be the hardest for some people but you have to do it for you!

Tip #7- Breathing

I like to say you always have your lungs with you so you can always do breathing techniques wherever you are! And so many people have forgotten to breathe at all. In our stressed out society we all breathe very shallow just into the top of our lungs and this isn’t oxygenating to our body so we tend to feel more tired and more stressed!  So start breathing into your belly by putting your hand there and moving it out as you breathe in and in this way you are using your full lung capacity.  If you have access to watching an infant or child breathe, then you will see this belly breathing in action. When you get the full breathing action you get all that oxygen and you will have more energy as well as feeling less stressed as an added bonus!

Tip #8- You Time

Wait, did I just type ‘you time’? Most people say what ‘you time’ especially women! Well there may have been no time in the past but you are going to schedule it in right now! You need to do this for your energy to improve going into the future.  Do whatever you enjoy but take the time so that then you have energy to conquer the rest of your maybe not so enjoyable day. I even advocate to start with 5 minutes of You Time everyday and see where that leads you…

Well congratulations on finishing 4 weeks! You are feeling more energized and ready to head into the holiday season! Just keep up with these and it will even keep you flying into the New Year!