Week 1 of Your 4 Week Guide to Fighting Fatigue Naturally!

Are you feeling tired with no energy left for yourself?

Are you just barely holding on until the moment you can crash on your couch?

Do you reach for sugar and coffee to pick you up?

Have you gone to your medical doctor and everything comes back ‘normal’ but you still feel exhausted?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this is for you!  And you are not alone! I hear this all the time these days and so I just wanted to give you some tips to guide you back to having more energy.

I am going to give you 2 simple changes to do each week for 4 weeks and you will get your energy back just in time for the holiday season.  Then you can be feeling really good so you can enjoy the holidays!

Remember that getting healthier can be a little tough at first but just show up and get started and you will start feeling and seeing the changes leading to a more energetic and positive you.  Keep up with these changes and soon they will become your regular habits and you won’t believe that you had never done them before!

Week 1

Tip #1- Regular Meals

This sounds so simple and yet so many people don’t do this! I know everyone is on the go these days but if you miss a meal you short-change yourself of nutrients and set yourself up for blood sugar imbalances.  This leads to less energy! So even if the thought of breakfast makes you nauseous, start with a few almonds or a piece of fruit and these can be easy to take on the run too (although I would prefer people to sit down to eat). And for the rest of the day eat regular meals by setting the time aside for this important energy booster called food! I also ask you make sure 1/2 your plate is covered in vegetables and the other half split with protein and grains as preferred (but in whole food variety). The point here is to actually eat meals!

Tip #2- Exercise

I have a 5 minute rule, so this means that you just start moving everyday for 5 minutes! Put on your favourite song and dance! Go outside for a walk down the block! Just get moving and if after 5 minutes you are done then be done, but…if you feel like you can do more then go for it!  Make it fun for you or even if it isn’t fun just know you are increasing your energy by using a bit of energy.  So stop reading this blog now and move!

I recommend you get started on Monday and in 1 week check back for the next tips to boost your energy!