Week 3 of Your 4 Week Guide to Fighting Fatigue Naturally!

Week 3

You have made it 2 weeks! Good for you and moving on to week 3 now you will be coasting!

Tip #5- Increase H2O

Well you had to know this one was coming! We are made up of water so do you want your cells to be grapes or raisins? (FYI raisin cells equals wrinkles ladies!) You need water to make our cells healthy and energized since dehydration will make you feel exhausted. Dehydration can also cause headaches, leg cramps and a bloated/puffy feeling and that will all make you feel more tired. Start with putting 2L into a a couple of bottles or jugs and start to shoot for that everyday. You may not get there on the first day but get going and soon it will happen. There are also apps and smart bottles to help you reach this goal so no more excuses! Also the excuse of having to pee all the time can’t hold you back because your body will adjust given time and the result of more energy is 10-fold over a downside of an extra trip to the bathroom.

Tip #6- Green Tea

Green tea and vitamin C was what one of my friends at school said were the only tools she needed to keep people happy in her clinic and it’s true! Green tea is so beneficial to our liver and has a component that keeps us calm and focused, so this week enjoy 1 cup brewed in the morning! (Note that it does have caffeine in it but far, far less than your coffee did. Skip this tip if you have found out you are sensitive and feel better without the caffeine.)

So keep rolling with the tips and keep boosting that energy and only 1 week left!