Week 2 of Your 4 Week Guide to Fighting Fatigue Naturally!

Week 2

Now by this point you have been eating regular meals and moving so these 2 tips will be easier than you think because you are already boosting your energy and stabilizing your body and moving towards the increased energy!

Tip #3- Stop the Coffee

So everyone thinks I am nuts when I tell them this, especially when they are feeling tired! But really time and time again I hear from people that once you do this you will feel more energized! You actually stop the ‘up’ of the caffeine and then the ‘down’ that makes you reach for your next cup. The caffeine can also cause you to have a poor sleep and this will also make you feel less energized.  And in the end not that many people actually miss it as much as they thought! So remove this beverage and put in some hot water with lemon that will help your organs out and citrus is energizing in a beneficial way!

Tip #4- Stop the Sugar Madness

If coffee gives you an up and down feeling, sugar would be a rollercoaster of up, down and loops!  The only way to stop the sugar rollercoaster is to get off the ride entirely! Yes you may feel the energy boost but then after those blood sugar levels have spiked they fall dramatically and you go looking for more sugar but man you don’t feel good or have a lot of energy at this point. The food industry has made it very tricky for us to avoid sugar so you must read labels very diligently in order to find all the hidden sugars such as anything ending in -ose, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, agave syrup, honey and anything else that sounds like a sweetener.  Essentially at this point stay away from it all and that means the fake sugars as well (don’t get me started on that). The only one at this stage is stevia to sweeten if you need.  What I would like you to do is stick to real fruit if you have a sweet craving because that is how nature really intended us to eat our sugar!

Keep going and check back next week for the next 2 tips!